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The purpose of a diamond certification is to offer you the highest possible level of assurance and confidence. It confirms the diamond’s authenticity and describes its essential characteristics. Diamonds are examined by expert graders under strict regulations and using specialized equipments. SDI-GJL host of in-house experts apply the most stringent grading procedures .

Diamond Dossier Report

The SDI-GJL Diamond Dossier Report includes an assessment of a diamond’s 4C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight along with diamond’s proportions.

The SDI-GJL issues Diamond Dossier Reports for individual loose, natural diamonds.

The report also includes the SDI-GJL’s hologram to prevent misrepresentation/ or duplicity of the report.

Diamond Assortment Report

The SDI-GJL Diamond Assortment Report offers the same grading information as the Diamond Dossier Report but without the diamond proportions.

The SDI-GJL issues Diamond Assortment Report is to a group of diamonds

The report also includes the SDI-GJL hologram to prevent misrepresentation / or duplication of the report.


SDI lab also provides facility of CVD check of diamonds for loose diamonds as well as studded jewellery.

We use the latest advanced equipments manufactured by reputed companies to provide the best possible assessment .

About SDI

Solitaire Diamond Institute (SDI) is the first gems and jewellery institute started in Bengaluru in 2009, which caters to the art of providing quality education, technical expertise and creating career opportunities in the thriving Gems and Jewelry Industry.

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